In our hypothetical simulations, you can inspect how dragon parents pass their genes to the offspring, and how it affects the genotypes and phenotypes of entire population of baby dragons.

Imagine, that every dragon has 14 chromosomes. It is a diploid , which means it has two sets of 7 chromosomes (2 x 7 = 14). Each set comes from one parent.

Here, we can observe 7 dragon traits (e.g. fire-breathing, tail color). We assume that each trait is coded by a single gene and that there are two versions ( alleles ) of each gene.

The dominant allele is written in uppercase, for example: A. The recessive allele is written in lowercase: a.

When a dragon has two alleles of the same type, i.e. AA or aa it is being called a homozygote ( dominant or recessive , respectively). As you can read from the phenotype table below, a dragon with AA genotype will have a blue body, whereas the aa dragon will have green body.

A dragon with two different alleles ( Aa ) will be called a heterozygote . In this case, the dominant allele A masks the presence of the recessive allele a. The Aa dragon will have a blue body, not a hint of green!

List of simulations: