This Mendelian inheritance model includes codominance that adds to the simple model with population available here.

We have introduced a second dominant allele (“@”) in the body and head gene. This allele translates to a phenotype of black body and head, and can mask the presence of the recessive allele “a” in heterozygotes. Due to codominance, now it is possible to observe dragons that have a mix of traits: dragon with genotype “A@” (both alleles are dominant) will have a stripy blue and black body and head.

  1. Select how many traits you would like to observe in baby dragons (up to 7).
  2. Choose genotype for dragon parents:
    • homozygote:
      • dominant (ex. AA)
      • recessive (ex. aa)
    • heterozygote (ex. Aa)
    • random.

This option will affect all genes selected. If you have chosen three traits in step 1, then setting the dragon to be a dominant homozygote will mean that all alleles will be dominant (for ex. AA TT WW). In case of the body and head gene, you can spot two types of dominant homozygotes: “AA” or “@@”.

  1. Select a number of offspring to be produced (10, 100 or 1000).

It might take several seconds for the simulation to load.

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