1. Click to select which traits you would like to observe in baby dragons (up to 7).
  2. Choose genotype for dragon parents:
    • homozygote:
      • dominant (ex. AA)
      • recessive (ex. aa)
    • heterozygote (ex. Aa)
    • random.

This option will affect all genes selected. If you have chosen three traits in step 1, then setting the dragon to be a dominant homozygote will mean that all alleles will be dominant (for ex. AA TT WW).

  1. Inpect the genotype of the simulated baby dragon.
  2. Try to predict the phenotype using the Phenotype table. Click on “Show phenotype” to check if your prediction was correct.
  3. Click on “New baby dragon” to re-run the simulation.

It might take several seconds for the simulation to load.